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Infrastructure New Zealand Presentations

2020 Presentations


Submission to the Transport and Infrastructure Committee on the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Bill



Submission to the Environment Committee on the Urban Development Bill



Submission to the Health Select Committee on the Tuamata Arowai - Water Regulator Bill



Infrastructure New Zealand: Strategic Plan 2020-2023

In 2020, New Zealand will reach a population of 5 million. Our quality of life is rapidly changing, with globalisation, technology, climate change and our demographics presenting threats and opportunities. 

PDF (1.7mb)


Infrastructure New Zealand: Priorities for 2020

At this event, Infrastructure NZ CEO Paul Blair outlined what we believe are New Zealand’s most urgent infrastructure priorities (housing, urban mobility and water), Infrastructure NZ’s five main themes for 2020 (climate resilience, future proofing our industry, community driven infrastructure, innovation, collaboration in procurement and government), and the need for a national vision around infrastructure.

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2019 Presentations


Building Regions - A Vision for Local Government, Planning Law and Funding Reform|February 2019

In a recent poll, 93% of our members agreed that if our regions are to thrive, more authority and funding must be granted to local government. In this presentation, Infrastructure New Zealand presents a more collaborative partnership between central and local government that better aligns national, regional and local goals. – (2.8mb)


State of the Infrastructure Nation | December 2019

Infrastructure New Zealand CEO Paul Blair provided an update on his first 100 days in the role, his aspirations for the organisation and for the future of New Zealand infrastructure. Paul also launched Infrastructure New Zealand’s Election 2020: Infrastructure Priorities which outlines the  top infrastructure policy initiatives for the 2020-2023 Government. – (840kb)

2018 Presentations


Lessons From the USA

In April 2018, Infrastructure New Zealand led a delegation to the USA to investigate urban growth.  The presentation presents the report launch findings, calling for a major review of New Zealand’s urban growth system, a step change in infrastructure funding, implementation of the Government’s Urban Growth Agenda and urban development at scale. (1.7mb)

Archived Presentations


Annual General Meeting 2017

Strategic Infrastructure Priorities discussed during the AGM – NZ Infrastructure Commission, Road Pricing, Asset Recycling, Urban Development at Scale, Water Sector Reform, Capability, Capacity and Diversity, Planning Law Reform.  To see the presentation click here. (1.7mb)


The Stockholm Congestion Charges - Jonas Eliasson

Congestion charges were introduced in Stockholm in 2006 as a seven-month trial, followed by a referendum where a majority voted in favour of the charges. This led to the reintroduction of congestion charges in August 2007, and they have been operational since then. The system has attracted worldwide attention, both because it achieved substantial congestion reductions, and because the system overcame fierce initial hostility, surviving a heated and complicated political and legal process, and eventually gaining support by more than 2/3 of the population and all political parties. View Video here – (44mb)


Auckland Housing Programme - Building at scale and pace

Auckland Housing to build 45,000 homes over the next 20 years – what a great opportunity for the market!  To see how you can be involved, click here –  (2.6mb)


Lessons from Scotland and the UK

An important lesson from our delegation to the UK: The Scottish National Planning Framework is an excellent model for New Zealand –  (4mb)


Funding Infrastructure to Support Growth

Take a look at our recent presentation on funding options for infrastructure, and what can be learnt from projects undertaken in other countries. –  (4mb)


Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Forum

The Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Forum (ANZIF) hosted by Deloitte in Auckland, provided an opportunity for Public and Private sector infrastructure leaders to share the latest market information between both countries, with a focus on social housing, defence, urban development and developing an integrated Australia / New Zealand market. –  (4mb)