Submission Policy

Infrastructure New Zealand is the nation’s highly respected, peak infrastructure industry body. Our core purpose is to advance best practice in the development of world class transport, energy, water, telecommunications and social infrastructure for all New Zealanders. We do this through research, thought leadership, advocacy and public and private sector collaboration.
Submitting to a wide variety of public consultation processes is a core part of Infrastructure New Zealand’s advocacy work. This Submission Policy establishes the process and approach taken by Infrastructure New Zealand to the development of submissions.


In the development of all submissions, Infrastructure New Zealand:

  1. Draws on domestic and international research undertaken by Infrastructure New Zealand and others, along with feedback through direct interaction with members through one on one meetings, membership fora, the Annual General Meeting and the annual Building Nations Symposium;
  2. Welcomes additional input from members and the wider industry in the formulation of policy;
  3. Seeks to represent the views of the infrastructure industry as a collective;
  4. Notes that not all views from across the industry are consistent and can be incorporated into a single sector viewpoint;
  5. Prioritises the long-term benefits to New Zealand as a whole over and above the interests of any single organisation or company;
  6. Makes clear that all analysis and conclusions are to be attributed to Infrastructure New Zealand and Infrastructure New Zealand alone, unless otherwise stated.

In the development of submissions to legal and statutory consultation processes Infrastructure New Zealand will:

  1. Signal its intention to submit and the likely content of any submission to the Board of Infrastructure New Zealand well in advance of the due date.
  2. Where the CEO considers necessary or the Board directs, seek legal or technical advice to confirm the veracity of the submission before it is submitted.