Infrastructure New Zealand is the nation’s leading infrastructure member association.

Our core purpose is to advance best practice development of world-class transport, energy, water, telecommunications, and social infrastructure for all New Zealanders.

We do this through research, advocacy, and public and private sector collaboration.

Our members are leaders from diverse sectors across New Zealand.

The Facts

Infrastructure has a significant impact on our economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing. Reports have consistently found that infrastructure constraints are a major impediment to New Zealand’s social, economic, and environmental development.

It is therefore critical that New Zealand addresses the national infrastructure deficit.

Four key challenges need to be addressed to provide for the essential national and regional infrastructure development needed across New Zealand:

  • Strong leadership and effective governance across and within infrastructure sectors
  • Provision of coordinated long-term and national infrastructure development strategies
  • Reform of complex regulatory and environmental approval processes to recognise the importance of strategic infrastructure investment
  • Appropriate use of public and private sector debt as a means to finance infrastructure investment opportunities.