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InfraRead October 2021


Advocacy and engagement update || July 2024

We are over halfway through the year already and it seems like the pace is picking up with various government programmes visibly gaining traction now. We saw the completion of the second three month period and Government action plan on 30 June with all but one of the action items completed. We also saw the launch of another list of actions for Q3, and while the media was on largely focused the actions dealing with law and order, the lion’s share of the initiatives were actually infrastructure related as the Government seeks to rebuild the economy.


Tolls the way to go for new RoNS

NEWS Infrastructure New Zealand is pleased to see progress on the first seven Roads of National Significance projects that will be key enablers of future economic activity and community progress. The peak infrastructure sector body also encourages the Government to...

Proposed Reform of Infrastructure System Essential for Progress

NEWS New Zealand has a clear choice - more drift in how it funds and builds its infrastructure - or significant reform to improve efficiency and ensure adequate funding over time to maintain our assets. That is the clear message from Infrastructure New Zealand today...

Climate Change Adaption

NEWS INZ is pleased to finally see some tangible progress in the climate adaptation space. The delay in the development of the third component of the resource management legislation suite has meant that some of the lessons from the extreme weather events experienced...

Election 2023 Priorities 

This is the sector’s call to action for the incoming Government in its first 100 days and lays out the priority actions that the next administration – no matter its stripes – will need to progress.


Infrastructure as strategy

Estimating the Costs of an Uncertain Infrastructure Pipeline

Aotearoa New Zealand must gear up and build more
infrastructure to support a strong economy, social progress
and transition to net zero.

Underinvestment in our crucial infrastructure is one of our
greatest long-term economic challenges. New Zealand has
around $100 billion worth of infrastructure projects planned
and in its pipeline of upcoming work but this needs to more
than double over the next 30 years to meet our current
infrastructure deficit.

Representing Infrastructure across New Zealand

Infrastructure New Zealand is the nation’s leading infrastructure member association.

Our core purpose is to advance best practice development of world-class transport, energy, water, telecommunications, and social infrastructure for all New Zealanders.

We do this through research, advocacy, and public and private sector collaboration.

Our members are leaders from diverse sectors across New Zealand.

Our purpose is to increase the number of women in leadership roles, grow the visibility of women, and to provide a networking and support group for women in the infrastructure sector.

The Infrastructure Collective

Previously known as the Emerging Talent Network, The Infrastructure Collective sees a strong future as a best practice offering in support, development, and representation of the future leaders in the infrastructure sector.

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