General Events Code of Conduct

We (Infrastructure New Zealand) are intent on creating quality events within safe and respectful environments for all attendees to share knowledge, express their thoughts and opinions, and network. Our code of conduct requires all attendees and stakeholders to act in a manner that is harrasment-free and respectful of people in a public environment, be it gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion. The code of conduct requires that speakers’ presentations and content offered in the various formats within an event is respectful and devoid of content/images of a sexual or discriminatory nature.

The code of conduct also extends to:

  • Inappropriate approaches of a sexual nature and aggressive behaviour.
  • Offensive comments, questions or posts made on event engagement technology, twitter and other online media platforms.
  • It is our expectation that attendees will act in a responsible manner in regard to alcohol consumption.
  • It is our expectation that attendees will act in a safe and responsible manner in respect to being healthy and well in attending events and in accordance with Covid19 public health guidelines.
  • Any attendee that is deemed to be violating the code of conduct may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without refund, at our discretion.

If you have any concerns about conduct at an event please contact