Infrastructure New Zealand Policy Positions

Ahead of the 2023 election, Infrastructure New Zealand is developing a set of policy positions which will act as the starting point for the important conversations we need to have to improve the current state of play in our sector.

At present, Aotearoa New Zealand faces a number of challenges to meet current and future infrastructure needs. The challenge we put forward is the need to change our political, planning and funding systems to deliver better long-term, sustainable outcomes for New Zealanders. But we must not lose sight of what we have. We can do better at utilising private capital and leveraging partnerships between Māori, central and local government, and the private sector to address a range of ongoing challenges, including our existing infrastructure deficit.

Tranche One

Better Use of Current Tools
Private Capital
Better Local Government

Tranche Two

System Stewardship
Simplifying Capital Funds
Transport Pricing

Tranche Three

Pipeline Certainty
Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Tranche Four

City and Regional Deals
Delivery of Megaprojects
Water Infrastructure and Services