Frustrations continue to mount as we await yet another opening date for Wellington’s Transmission Gully motorway.

The latest delays have included the resurfacing of flawed chip seal on the road and work to ensure the stormwater system is fully functional.

Waka Kotahi has indicated that it will announce a new date later this month, but with just 41 of the 100 consenting tasks completed, it is unlikely that this will be as soon as might be hoped.

The delays highlight the importance of effective planning and delivery as public-private partnership models are employed as a tool to address the significant funding and financing pressures that the sector faces.

In its interim report on the project, the Infrastructure Commission notes that Waka Kotahi has managed to integrate some of the lessons learnt from the Transmission Gully experience into the Ara tūhono – Pūhoi to Warkworth project.

In the meantime, Wellingtonians and road users are still waiting.