Building Nations, New Zealand’s largest infrastructure conference, is less than a month away.

After transitioning to a virtual Building Nations format in 2021, we are excited to invite you to join us in-person once again to hear from domestic and international leaders, debate and discuss key issues and to influence the future of New Zealand.

Building Nations is where influential decision makers gather annually for a fresh shot of motivation and inspiration. The two-day event provides the opportunity for the public and private and community sectors to come together to find new ways to look at complex challenges through collaboration. Building Nations aims to ‘lead the leaders’ into a future where New Zealand is a global exemplar of smart and sustainable infrastructure that raises the standard of living for all New Zealanders.

This year’s conference, Building Nations 2050, will be at TSB Arena in Wellington on 22 and 23 November.

There, we will look back from the vantage point of 2050 when we will have delivered on New Zealand’s first infrastructure strategy, achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and be reaping the benefits of the suite of structural reforms currently underway.

Together we will explore the theme of resilience as we design a system that can effectively deliver on our shared ambitions. 

This year’s lineup of speakers is full of world leading experts, ministers, domestic infrastructure leaders, mayors and New Zealand innovators who will chart our way forward through the next 30 years and beyond.

They will cover a diverse range of topics including the macroeconomic environment and infrastructure funding and financing, diversity in the industry, the Resource Management, Three Waters and Local Government reform programmes, climate change and sustainable infrastructure, skills and retention, digital infrastructure, transport and housing, among others.

Central to our discussions will be the challenge to create a system resilient to shocks and able to adapt to and anticipate key barriers to achieving our shared ambitions for New Zealand.

To secure your spot, register here.