by Claire Edmondson, General Manager, Infrastructure New Zealand

It has been a while since New Zealanders got really excited about infrastructure, but looking at the programme for Building Nations 2021, there is plenty for the sector to be excited about. We are particularly proud of the line-up we’ve been able to put in place since making what felt at the time like a brave decision to deliver Building Nations 2021 as a virtual event.

With Auckland still in lockdown, the best current estimates suggesting it will remain that way until at least December, and community cases of Covid-19 emerging elsewhere, we’re encouraged that we made the right call. It was, I suppose, an early fork in the road – the theme of this year’s Building Nations.

From the urban planning system to diversity in infrastructure to looking to the future, the Building Nations 2021 agenda has shaped up to be a cracker and one that will generate lots of varied discussion that will inform our policy, strategy and advocacy efforts next year and beyond. We are hosting several ministers as well as highly-renowned international speakers.

Boldly committing to a handful of big decisions to propel us forward could not be more needed as New Zealand adjusts to a new normal and forges a path to recovery from Covid-19 and beyond.

If you have not already secured your tickets, get in quick!

We look forward to welcoming you to Building Nations 2021.