Emerging Talent Network: The Inner Circle with Geoff Cooper

Date: 11th November 2021 | 10:00am
Location: Virtual

Te Waihanga is developing a 30-year infrastructure strategy which will be tabled to Parliament by early 2022. Geoff Cooper (GM Strategy) will be hosting this Inner Circle providing an opportunity for our members to have an interactive discussion on the strategic issues for New Zealand Infrastructure and the reform needed to address them.

Te Waihanga’s strategy covers the below items as well as considering long term trends such as climate change, new technologies and demographic change.

  • Assess the overall fitness for purpose of New Zealand’s infrastructure system
  • Determine how well the current system is working
  • Identify priorities
  • Identify barriers to good outcomes
  • Identify the root cause of systemic issues
  • Determine how best to meet future community expectations
  • Use foresight planning to consider a range of future possibilities.