Transformational Auckland transport plan will create a world-class nation once delivered

January 28, 2022


Today’s Government announcement on a second harbour-crossing and integrated transport network is a transformational and long-sighted solution to Auckland’s transport woes, and a huge opportunity for the transport, construction and infrastructure sectors, Infrastructure New Zealand chief executive Claire Edmondson says.

“This is New Zealand’s biggest ever infrastructure project, and a comprehensive and integrated plan addressing long-standing issues and will make Auckland fit for the future and a great place to live, work and play. This is transformational and will provide a future-proofed network for the whole of the city.

“We have to remember too, that what’s good for Auckland is good for New Zealand. We commend the Government for this approach, but we’re mindful that things can always change over successive terms of Government. We need to step aside from politics and just get this done.

“Signalling projects at this scale and duration allows the sector to respond, upskill and deliver. Delivering a pipeline of projects under a plan like this is always more efficient. If we don’t progress we’re just burning cash due to lost productivity, and infrastructure costs are only increasing.

“With the broader context of New Zealand’s infrastructure deficit, investment at this scale is exactly what we need. We can’t afford not to do this. Auckland is only going to get bigger, and projects like this more expensive,” Ms Edmondson says.

“Light rail alone is a massive catalyst for economic development, job creation, reduced travel times and connecting Auckland’s communities, including some not on the public transport network.

“The second harbour crossing has been talked about long enough, and it’s great to see some certainty and intent to deliver it.

“In a world where we’re increasingly looking at infrastructure to deliver positive environmental outcomes, it’s a win as well.

“Overall, this plan will create a connected and integrated transport network and prepare Auckland and Aucklanders for a well-connected future in a very liveable city,” Ms Edmondson says.


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