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InfraRead October 2021


Advocacy and engagement update || September 2023

We are into the election home straight now, with just over two weeks left of campaigning. It has been encouraging to see that the topic of infrastructure has featured prominently in election campaigns. All political parties want to build a better Aotearoa New Zealand, and infrastructure is rightly seen as a critical platform for improving our economy, our regions and cities, our communities, and our daily lives.

In the past month or so, surprisingly a tsunami of government consultation has been released. It appears the bottleneck of the policy pipeline has been released at the last minute with significant consultation commencing on a package released by MBIE on energy transition, the long-awaited draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS), Parliament’s inquiry into climate adaptation, as well as potential changes to the National Policy Statement on Highly Productive Land to enable infrastructure such as solar farms and infrastructure.


Climate Change Adaption

NEWS INZ is pleased to finally see some tangible progress in the climate adaptation space. The delay in the development of the third component of the resource management legislation suite has meant that some of the lessons from the extreme weather events experienced...

Infrastructure New Zealand releases third tranche of policy positions

NEWS With just 44 days to go until the election, Infrastructure New Zealand has released its next tranche of policy position statements. These documents act as the starting point for the important conversations that we need to have to improve the current state of play...

Infrastructure as strategy


Great Decisions are Timely: Benefits from more Efficient Infrastructure Investment Decision-Making

Aotearoa New Zealand suffers from an infrastructure deficit. Without the key infrastructure needed for our economy to thrive, we are depriving future generations of significant economic prosperity. While transformational infrastructure projects need time to be developed into sound technical solutions, many New Zealand projects are being further delayed by policy decision and financing constraints.

Representing Infrastructure across New Zealand

Infrastructure New Zealand is the nation’s leading infrastructure member association.

Our core purpose is to advance best practice development of world-class transport, energy, water, telecommunications, and social infrastructure for all New Zealanders.

We do this through research, advocacy, and public and private sector collaboration.

Our members are leaders from diverse sectors across New Zealand.

Our purpose is to increase the number of women in leadership roles, grow the visibility of women, and to provide a networking and support group for women in the infrastructure sector.

The Infrastructure Collective

Previously known as the Emerging Talent Network, The Infrastructure Collective sees a strong future as a best practice offering in support, development, and representation of the future leaders in the infrastructure sector.

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