Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities Construction Plan Launch and Workshop

The new Kāinga Ora Construction Plan will outline how Kāinga Ora will work with the wider construction and associated industries to improve the delivery of the largest state housing construction programme New Zealand has seen in decades.

The Construction Plan has five main areas of focus:

• Partnering
• Innovation
• Design Quality
• Lean Delivery
• Sustainability

The workshop will challenge Kāinga Ora and attendees to share ideas, initiatives and innovations that further improve the five areas.

Creating and Sharing Value from Transit and Land Use Integration

Join Aurecon’s Futures Research Leader and New Zealand Transport and Advisory leads for this engaging, hands on workshop on using transit-oriented developments to unlock betterment for NZ communities.

We will briefly reflect upon the business case for Australia’s Fishermans Bend development, draw upon a global body of knowledge and explore how these developments could be a catalyst for change in New Zealand through inter-agency collaboration and the private sector.

Working in small groups, share thoughts with both public and private sector participants over creating and distributing value, as well as developing a roadmap for success.


Our Future, Our Infrastructure: Building the New Zealand of 2050

What might 2050 look like?And what might this mean for infrastructure?

The Infrastructure Commission will share some of the insights it has gathered into what the future might hold for the sector as part of its work on a 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. It’s also keen to get your thoughts on what’s possible, what’s preferable, and how we bridge the gap between the two.


Thursday, November 19, 2022

Future Infrastructure – Driving a Systematic Change in the Way We Deliver Infrastructure

In this fast-paced workshop, UK Infrastructure disrupters will share best practice examples of infrastructure delivery from the UK, and the lessons learned. Then in groups, participants will use design thinking to tackle some of NZ’s most pressing infrastructure challenges, before pitching their ideas to a panel of public and private sector leaders.

This high-energy workshop will create tangible results that will help deliver infrastructure for our future, now.