Building Nations Symposium 2019 - Building Regions

Building Nations is the premier event on New Zealand’s infrastructure calendar. The two-day Symposium plus one corporate networking day, provides the opportunity for public and private sectors to come together to progress thinking and advance best practice in national infrastructure development. At its heart, the conference is about discussing and agreeing what must be done to ensure New Zealand’s infrastructure is not just fit-for-purpose, but that our infrastructure supports sustained improvement in the quality of life for all New Zealanders, now and into the future.

Building Nations is the forum for Ministers and key public officials to announce major infrastructure policy directions, and sets Infrastructure NZ’s agenda for action for, and on behalf of, its members.

Attended by over 700 industry and public sector leaders, Building Nations provides sponsors with an unparalleled opportunity for profile amongst the leaders of the country and the infrastructure industry.

To align with government policy, the theme for Building Nations 2019 will be Building Regions, with the Symposium being hosted at the Energy Events Centre in Rotorua on 21-23 August, 2019. Please note this date in your calendar now!

Chinese Version of Building Nations 2019 Video 敬请观看中文版2019建设国家研讨会录影,谢谢

Japanese Version of Building Nations 2019 Video - Building Nations 2019ビデオ(日本語版)はこちらをご覧ください

Explore Rotorua

Rotorua is known for bubbling mud pools, erupting geysers and natural hot springs, as well as showcasing our fascinating Maori culture. For more information visit

For more information on Rotorua and general travel information for international delegates please see the Visiting NZ page.

To support Building Nations 2019, please contact:

Sarah Lang

Project Director & Sponsorship Manager
Infrastructure New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 377 5570
Mob: +64 21 733 434

Sally Bunce

Event & Member Services Director
Infrastructure New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 377 5570
Mob: +64 21 749 449

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